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The Gates Chili High School community on LiveJournal

For students, by students.

Gates Chili
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Welcome to gates_chili, the official LiveJournal community for Gates Chili High School!

Please read the rules below before posting.

Community Rules
- Keep things clean and on a mature level. No excessive swearing, profane language, or fighting. We don't want to give our school a bad reputation, do we?
- The gossip should be kept to a minimal degree. Quite frankly, not many people care that Jen dumped Matt for Chris yesterday.
- Keep posts Gates Chili-related.
- No advertising for companies. It's annoying and somewhat rude. You may, however, advertise exclusive concepts such as your lost cat or where your band is playing next Saturday.
- Use LiveJournal cuts where you find it necessary. (For example: A lengthy description of your lost cat, which, undoubtedly, has one eye and two legs.) If you don't know what a cut is or how to do one, click here.
- If you comment anonymously, please use your name. IP addresses are logged.
- HAVE FUN, MEET NEW PEOPLE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS. You're only cool if you have a LiveJournal.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to contact one of your community moderators:
empty_th0ughts - Sarah
nikkirito - Nikki